Do you struggle to get your point across?  Procrastinate every time you’re meant to be writing an EDM?  Find a corner of the office that suddenly needs cleaning when it’s time to edit your website?  Or just completely clam up when your fingers meet the keyboard?

Don’t feel alone; it’s quite common, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We’re laying out 5 of our favourite writing techniques.

 *Spoiler alert – brevity is one of them, so read on, we promise to be quick: 


  1. Value.  What benefit is your reader getting? Don’t beat around the bush talking about yourself.  Open with how the text will benefit your reader. 
  2. Be brief. People are busy.  Don’t waste their time with pointless text unless you’re writing a novel that they’ll curl up and go on an emotional adventure with.  (Other exceptions are scientific papers, medical research, and engineering manuals.)
  3. Structure.  Write with headlines, sub headlines and bullet points.  Lots of people scan content, only stopping and honing in when they find a sub headline that grabs their attention. 
  4. Alliteration. Sounds fancy, but all it means is that two or more words in a row start with the same sound.  It’ll give your writing that lyrical lilt and makes the words just roll off the tongue (or their phone screen).
  5. Tone of voice. Make sure your style remains the same throughout.  Ours right now is short, sharp and just a teeny bit fun.  Fluctuating written convention styles mid text from fun to elaborate and flourishing may be bewildering to the reader, likely instigating a jarring feeling, initiating a lost or impaired connection. (See what I did just there?)

Used correctly, these tips can help get you started writing more connective copy for you chosen audience.  If you’d like professional help getting your point across, we offer copywriting, SEO copywriting, and, well, writing for most business purposes (except for scientific papers, medical research, and engineering manuals.)

Enjoy!  Rachel.

Rachel has worked as a journalist, is a professional writer for websites, social media, advertising and a plethora of professional communications.  Her writing has been published in newspapers, lifestyle, and industry magazines.