Digital Momentum

Why busy businesses should

continue marketing

Should I keep marketing and adding digital content even when my diary is full?

It’s natural to wonder if you should keep posting on social media, updating your website and continue your marketing efforts when your business is busy. The answer is a very definite yes!

Here’s my shortlist of reasons why.

1.    Pick the clients and jobs you want

Sharing photos and updates on your best quality work, and reminding potential customers of your full range of products or services will help to elevate you above your competition. Even though you might have plenty of work booked in, having the ability to pick the jobs you love, or the ones that pay the best is worth its weight in gold. There will be plenty of customers who will wait longer or pay more for quality!

2.    Search engines love fresh, relevant, information

Even the best websites need regular updating. Highly ranking keywords won’t hold their position if you don’t add new content and ensure details are up to date. Social media platforms are similar in that they love relevant up to date information.

3.    Staying front of mind

If your competition remains active while you’re not, even your regular, loyal customers might think you’re too busy, forget about your business, or just try someone else as a one off for convenience. If you don’t want to risk a slow relationship death with your customers, stay in touch and keep them updated and engaged.

4.    Continue building important industry relationships

Continuing your marketing can help to strengthen your supply lines, discover new opportunities for collaboration, and keep your finger on your industry’s pulse. The two-way channel of social media is particularly beneficial for this type of industry growth.

It can be tempting to prioritise business activities by what will bring the cash flow in now, but don’t forget that successful business is a long game that needs great preparation and ongoing upkeep. If you need ideas on how to keep your digital presence fresh, get in touch – we love a good brainstorm!