Designing your Marketing Mix


Powerful Perceptions is all about informing your wider audience and creating real, lasting connections, leveraging creativity and flexibility to provide targeted, measurable results.  

No smoke and mirrors or crazy promises, just the power of connecting with those you want to do business with.

Our simple, yet effective approach to marketing will help you figure out who your best customers are, where to find them, what to offer them, and how to maintain an ongoing connection with them, all within a budget that you can afford.

It can also involve collecting feedback from existing clients so that we can learn how to improve your offerings for future clients.

We're not interested in tricks or fads; we want to support you on your journey to achieving your business goals, by helping you leverage your strengths.

Once we have a strategy in place, we can target your selected audiences though a range of media, including a variety of Social Media Platforms, Google Adwords, Email outs, VIP clubs, videos, blogs and more. We are well equiped to organise video production, photo shoots, editing and anything else we identify as advantageous in your strategy.

We have a network of talented professionals to collaborate with, achieving great results for you without the hassle of you needing to deal with multiple businesses and ensuring anyone collaborating on your project completely understands the targeted goals.

Content Creation & Professional Copywriting

Professional Copywriting can mean the difference between someone scrolling past or absorbing your message.

Professional Copywriting is like having the best salesperson who understands your product intimately, selling it to everyone they meet - just with a pen.

Expressing your thoughts and plans in writing isn’t something that comes easily to everyone, yet it’s such an important part of building your business's reputation.

Writing blogs, website content, magazine articles, catalogues, video scripts and promotional flyers is one of our passions, so luckily for you, we’re happy to take your thoughts and put them into words that will connect with, inform, and even entertain your prospective and existing clients without losing your unique style.

Before we start, we’ll develop a clear understanding of who we are writing for and what platform the content is to be used on, to ensure maximum engagement.


Your website is the face of your business and as such needs to be a true reflection of the best of your business.

Your website is your showcase, your window display, and your stage. Make every experience on it a memorable one!

We can design a beautiful, responsive, user experience that informs, connects, sells, collect leads and provides an authentic yet professional face of your business.

Quick loading times, mobile optimisation and integrations are all essentials for your site and we can work with you to ensure they are all a reality.

Thanks to our partnership with we can look after secure hosting, domain names, SSL certificates and some of the most reliable managed hosting available.

We can set up your website with confidence that it will be there to serve your customers reliably day in day out while you are tending to more important things.

Social Media Management & Online Presence

Most of your prospective contacts are reachable online.... It's just a matter of know where, and how to catch their attention.

Targeted Social Media Management should have a plan and every post should deliver a message. Posting without purpose can invite the wrong attention or tire the audience you worked so hard to build.

Social Media can be a powerful, affordable marketing tool when used correctly. We have pre-defined weekly social media packages, or you can choose Social Media Management as part of our retainer based service.

If you'd like to manage your own, but want to do it more effectively, we can design a 3 month plan with you, selecting appropriate post types and provide branded templates for you to work with. We can train and support you, allowing you to remain in ultimate control of your client connection.

Marketing Collateral, Branding & Design

Business cards, invoice books, branded stubby holders & coffee mugs, vehicle signage, gazebos, building signage and more, we can design and source it, saving your the hassle and ensuring coherent branding.

The most effective marketing collateral is selected and designed with a thorough understanding of who it's made for and what message you're sending them.

Live Events

With experience running events from small to large, promotional, entertainment and corporate, we can help you design, plan, and execute almost any event that will help support your marketing strategy and business growth.

We can even help train your staff up for the event, or subcontract talent and event staff for the occasion and look after your event comms and public relations in the lead up.

Some of the live events we can help with include:

VIP nights

Costume Characters for family and kid's events

Fund-raising events


NB. Event support is only available as part of a larger service offering. We are not predominently a conference company


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