Why Powerful Perceptions

Consumer perception can make or break a business. We're here to help you get your message out to the right people. Whether through a website, magazine editorial, branding or a video - it all comes down to the story you're telling the world. Together we can make it a powerful one!

Rachel Fraser

Director, Strategist, Writer

With formal training in Media Communications and Marketing, Rachel has extensive experience in public relations, business development, copywriting, and multi media delivery.

She has represented brands such as Charter Hall, Stockland and Westfields in delivering targeted campaigns.

Her experience in trade and industrial marketing are a stronghold, with some fantastic results achieved for mining SMEs and the construction industry.

Passionate about the local area and small business, Rachel is also actively involved working on projects for Cessnock Council, Around Hermitage Association and has launched Plan Your Event Hunter as a passion project to lift midweek tourism to benefit small Hunter Valley tourism, events and wellness businesses

Hannah Bird

Graphic Designer, Artist, Social Media Controller

Our head Graphic Designer, Hannah is responsible for the way your brand develops visually.

She brings an energy, creativity and authenticity that can't be taught in the classroom.

Apart from her Design qualification, we're incredibly lucky that Hannah is also a gifted artist, often bringing hand drawn elements into your designs to create truly unique content.

Why Trust Powerful Perceptions with your business's image?

Simple and Approachable

We're down to earth, approachable and we won't bamboozle you with jargon. We take the time to listen - not just to your goals, but to your questions as well. We take your concern seriously and you'll never feel small or silly asking us to explain techy stuff.

We're also happy to work with you collaboratively and teach you the ropes along the way. You won't lose control of your image, rather have someone to help you mould it.

Supportive Business

We get small business! We are one ourselves, and we've had plenty of experience and insights into the pitfalls and triumphs of small enterprise. We're here to help you grow into the brand you want to be!