Strategised, Collaborative Marketing Case Study

April 17, 2024

We met Yvie from The Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co on a photoshoot for another project. She had a small team, a quality service, and a couple of regular massage venues. At that point The Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co had a facebook page, but no website, google places listing or printed collateral. They didn't actually have a logo or branding, so uniforms were all standard black.

It didn't take long for Yvie to take the plunge and ask us to help her develop a brand that truly reflects her business, appeals to her target markets and help her grow.

Over the past 12 months, we've achieved GREAT results together. Yvie's website generates a great volume of high quality leads which Yvie is quick to follow up on and book in. Here's what her marketing mix looks like:


We’ve built a beautiful website showing the benefits of massage and displaying amazing relaxation packages.  The site is fast, enticing and provides plenty of useful information and inspiration.  Getting a quote couldn’t be easier with the simple contact form. 

Google Places Listing

We created and maintain the Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co Google places listing to ensure it shows up highly when people search for a massage in her chosen locations.  We’ve provided Yvie with a link which she regularly shares with clients to get Google reviews.  Good reviews are a powerful tool to keep your listing performing, and when you provide a quality service like Yvie’s, they're not too hard to get!

Social Media

We run connective, informative social media for the Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co, which keeps Yvie’s massage front of mind.  We also showcase some of the great places she provides massages and encourage them to share the posts also.

Print Media

The A5s we’ve designed can be found in all Yvie’s favourite places to massage, ensuring that she doesn’t miss any visitors that would love a quality massage to enhance their stay in the Hunter Valley.

Local Collaboration

We encourage working with other local businesses to provide seasonal packages so there’s always something fresh and new on offer!  We create the graphics or the videos to promote these collaborations once Yvie has designed the specifics.


All Yvie’s therapists now have fresh, fun, matching branded shirts clearly identifying them as being a part of the Hunter Valley Mobile Massage Co’s team. As they provide massage services for health retreats, ladies events and corporate wellness, a professional image across the whole team is incredibly important, and we’ve loved helping her create it.

Affiliate Links

To power up the relationships that Yvie is working hard to establish with preferred accommodation providers, we're giving them exposure on the HVMMCo website as recommended venues for people to stay for a relaxing time. We're also providing accommodation venues with trackable affiliate links to feed through to the HVMMCo website, enabling Yvie to track where enquiries come from.

Yvie’s brand and business is now well recognised and trusted throughout Hunter Valley Wine Country, opening up opportunities at most of the top-rated accommodation providers. 

Our strategy has been simple, collaborative and thorough.  Your marketing plan doesn’t necessarily need to cost the earth or reinvent the wheel.  It should showcase your strengths, appeal to your target market, be well delivered and collaborative.  The reason why Yvie has had such great results is because we all work together as a team and catch up regularly for feedback and to generate ideas.

Strategised, Collaborative Marketing Case Study
Our strategy has been simple, collaborative and thorough.  Your marketing plan doesn’t necessarily need to cost the earth or reinvent the wheel. 
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